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Sengkuang (沙葛)

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Sengkuang is large and oblate, averaging 10-15 centimeters in diameter, and is shaped similar to a beet. The thick, fibrous outer skin is brown to cream-colored and has a rough texture. The inner flesh is white and crisp with a watery, translucent juice. Sengkuang is crunchy with a sweet and starchy flavor. Sengkuang is available year-round, with peak season in the winter through late spring. Sengkuang, botanically classified as Pachyrhizus Erosus, belongs to the legume, or bean family. Also known as the Sweet turnip, Chinese turnip, Mexican turnip, Jicama, yam bean, Ubi Sengkuang, BengKuang, Dou shu, Mangkuang, Mexican yam bean, and Singkamas, Sengkuang is a popular root vegetable in Southeast Asia and is used in main dishes and as a street vendor snack food. On average, Sengkuang weighs around two to three kilograms when found in markets, but it can grow up to two meters in length and weigh over twenty kilograms if left unharvested.

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